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You cook often and you cook well. Your menu is broad and you know how to create it. But you would like to know more, like a few shortcuts, or how to save time without compromising on flavours or texture. The Kitchen Coach will show you how to perfect sauces, make richer, deeper stocks and give you some fresh ideas for delicious meals you might like to add to your repertoire. You’ll learn how to chop vegetables more efficiently, store fresh herbs so they don’t die after a day or two and how to keep a constant stock of good sauces so you’re never pressed for time.

After years of cooking and having been a cookery Editor at one time in my career, I thought I knew most of the kitchen basics but the idea of learning some kitchen tricks and short cuts really appealed. It's also very easy to get bored with cooking so I thought a couple of classes with Justine might inspire me again. So we began with very simple things like traditional French dressing (only use ordinary salt, no need for expensive Maldon), how to get the wish bone out of a chicken to make it easier to carve, how to peel and chop an onion in the most efficient way and how to cut a mushroom very precisely. We also saw how to use a cartouche to get the most perfect rice. The first two classes were all about meat- can't wait for the fish one."
Suzanne 63

After 50 years of cooking for family and friends I thought that I knew it all. My two mornings with Justine were a revelation. I learnt new and interesting techniques for preparing food that I imagined would be quite beyond me. We revisited the simple salad and how to make a sophisticated sauce; tricks with rice and root vegetables and trussing a chicken to improve the serving and indeed flavour. I have already booked my third session
Patricia, 62

Kitchen Coach Services - The Savvy Cook

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