Kitchen Coach Service - The Older Cook

Justine is professional, charming and very informative. She has taught me the basics of good cooking and preparation and her tips have enabled me to revise my view of the kitchen and what can be prepared there easily and enjoyably. She even gave me a notebook in case I forget. What we prepared together enabled me to eat well for a week in the absence of my wife.
John, 73

I'd like to tell all those aspiring and accomplished cooks out there how much I recommend you as a kitchen coach. You have been fun, very effective and really raised my level of food consciousness. You opened up a world of haute cuisine to me and have enriched my enjoyment of food. Long an avid if untutored lover of fine wines and good food, I've harboured the dream of learning to cook. You put me on the right track and I'm hugely appreciative. Bravo and thank you
David, 68

Kitchen Coach Services - The Older Cook

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