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You know how to create some of the classics, like a good old-fashioned fry up or a roast chicken or even a risotto, but you want to know more. The Kitchen Coach will extend your repertoire and hone your techniques to help you feel truly at home in the kitchen. In fact, you’ll soon be preparing and cooking food that you may have once thought beyond you.

I was given a 2 hour cooking class with Justine as a father's day present. The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable and I learned a lot - not only how to cook two exceptional dishes, but also about my 'higher than I thought' desire to cook. Justine also taught me a lot about confidence in the kitchen and her technique on this is perfect. She works out quickly what you know and generally what your potential is, then dives in at the right level. She's not afraid to teach you the most basic operations (eg how to cut an onion) and she does this without making you feel in any way like an idiot! Highly recommended.
Richard, 59

Justine is a natural teacher. Having made sure I'd got to grips with essentials such as knife sharpening, garlic chopping and meat trimming, in no time at all (well, a couple of hours) she expertly and effortlessly coaxed me into making four wonderful dishes. My appreciative family agreed, in between eager mouthfuls of Roast Rack of Lamb with a Parsley Crust, Gratin Dauphinois, Ratatouille Nicoise and Thai Green Fish Curry that my lesson with Justine was money very well spent.
Kipper, 57

Kitchen Coach Services - The Man in the Kitchen

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