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The Kitchen Coach has helped the following people to realise that their kitchen is more than the room with the fridge, toaster and kettle:

  • Anyone who finds preparing a Sunday lunch daunting and frustrating
  • Parents wanting to prepare simple, healthy food for their toddlers
  • Parents who recognise the benefits of their children having a basic understanding of food preparation
  • Time starved young professionals, students, and couples living together for the first time away from home – all of whom find it all too tempting to exist on a smörgåsbord of ready meals, cereal, Ginsters, and take-aways.
  • Stove shy husbands: is there life beyond spag bol?
  • The newly single: cooking for yourself or when your children come to stay – a new life often means learning new skills
  • The retired: more time on their hands and who want to learn a new skill or hobby
  • Confident cooks who have been doing it for years but would love to expand their repertoire and perfect their skills
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