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The Kitchen Coach is run by Justine Kanter, a Cordon Bleu trained mum of two. Justine coaches those who have never felt truly comfortable in front of a hob, or lack the necessary inspiration to make a meal from what they find in the fridge. Or those people who have been cooking for years, but are bored and uninspired and don't know how to take their cooking up a notch. So many people own cookery books with unbroken spines, wishing they knew where to start. This is not about fancy cooking; it's about being at ease in your kitchen and being able to cook confidently - for yourself, your children, your friends, your partner, in-laws and anyone else you enjoy food with. Like any good coach, Justine encourages those with a culinary block to feel more at ease in their own kitchen. Her relaxed, non prescriptive approach, blending experience with knowledge, leaves the once kitchen-shy equipped with the knowledge that rustling up good food is actually more about confidence than fancy techniques.

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