Kitchen Coach Background

I started out in the world of publishing and spent over 12 years at Pearson editing children's books. When my own kids were small, I joined forces with a business partner to set up a successful company making organic, home made lunches for school kids whose parents were keen for them to eat healthy and tasty home-made food. The kids and parents would choose their menus together, and we made and delivered the food to many school classrooms each day.

I soon found that what I loved most was being in the kitchen, and so I decided to train at the top school, Cordon Bleu in London, receiving a distinction at the end of the course. I loved learning about the science of food and why ingredients behave the way they do, as well as some brilliant shortcuts and the classic techniques that top chefs use to make dishes taste so much better.

Armed with my qualification, the lure of the professional kitchen was strong. I loved the idea of being in a high-stress environment, producing amazing food and serving customers all night. I am very calm, super organised and cope well under bonkers heat and pressure. But I knew about the reality of being a professional chef – not least the mad hours that would mean I would rarely get to see my family I also realised that I really loved teaching. So The Kitchen Coach was born – the perfect way to combine my passion for food, a way of using my teaching skills and passing on many of the skills I learnt at Cordon Bleu. And if I can help people who are less keen on cooking, and less confident in the kitchen, then it will be a real achievement.

Please do get in touch if you think I may be of help to you or someone you know – as you can see from the site, I try to cater for all tastes.

Kitchen Coach Background - Justine Kanter

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